Wild Cat Eye


Big Cats.  The apex predators of the world.  Fast, strong, agile, survivors.  We decided to create this web page as a tribute to these amazing creatures, to hopefully, in our small way, raise awareness of their fight against extinction.  Cats face a multitude of challenges from habitat destruction, ever increasing human populations,  poaching, where bone is used in traditional Chinese medicines and  “sport” hunting.

We have been privileged to travel to Africa and India to witness and photograph these majestic cats.  But for how long are these cats going to be in the wild before we can only see them in books?

Photography is a bridge between animals and humans.  We hope that these pictures on this site inspires you as cats have inspired us into doing something, however small, to help these majestic creatures.  We hope that for countless years to come big cats in all forms prevail in the wild.

Ewan and Alex Robertson.